ARGEO Sandbox™ 智能沙箱

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ARGEO™ Sandbox 4.0智能沙箱 4.0

ARGEO Sandbox can instantly present real terrain and water flow, enhance the real-world experience by instantly interaction.

[ Size ] 96.5cm (L) X 77cm (W)
[ Weight ] ~90 kg
[ Hand Gesture Sensing range ] ~60 cm (H)
Comes with a set of sandbox teaching tools
Safety certified game sand
Provide rental services

Video Introduction

Provide Standard version for Secondary school and Kindergarten version.

Granted by Intellectual Property Department
A patent of Smart Sandbox Interactive Device and Interactive Method For Augmented Reality

ARGEO Sandbox 4.0 appTablet Streaming

配合ARGEO Sandbox ,使用IOS或Android平板電腦直播ARGEO Sandbox畫面,最多20部。

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Instant Interactive

ARGEO™ Sandbox will instantly interact with users, contour line and color will instantly change when moving play sand, it will bring you the most realistic experience.

Safety Sand

ARGEO ™ Sandbox use Sandtastik™ safety play sand with AP safety certificate, ensure harmless to human body.

Updates and Support

ARGEO™ Sandbox provide updates and support, and listen difference opinions, provide extra technical support, we not just selling product ,we sell services.

One-stop Installation Service

ARGEO™ Sandbox provide One-stop service from procurement, installation, delivery, to the printing of promotional materials. Help you to saving time and human resources.

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首個投入香港地理教育界的智能沙箱 ARGEO ™,現在開始不斷升級。ARGEO ™ Sandbox 智能沙箱能夠與使用者即時互動,沙盤中的地形與水流將會根據你的指令即時變動。直觀地使用你的雙手去推動沙盤,無需複雜的代碼和指令,你只需跟隨你的想像去改變盤中的世界!

現在 ARGEO ™Sandbox 智能沙箱更引入了安全遊戲沙加拿大 Sandtastik™ Play Sand ,Sandtastik™ Play Sand通過了AP安全認證,無需再擔心長期使用的安全性,更無須另加收費就能應用在你的沙盤世界中!ARGEO ™AR Sandbox 智能沙箱已在多所中學裡投入使用,現在你也能加入改變地理教學法的行列。

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ARGEO SandboxOther Versions and Activities

We also provide difference version and Tailor-made service for you.

於2019年,公司與海洋公園合作,在「賽馬會惜水.識河計劃」識水嘉年華中展出 ARGEO Sandbox給遊客一邊玩沙,一邊學習知識。

我們在科學館的「絲路山水地圖展」展示一部大型的ARGEO Sandbox。供公眾人仕接觸最新AR技術及多用途發展,感受科技。

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